I have some questions with Multisite

Hi guys,
I'm trying to find a solution to my problem for some days now. I hope you could help.

I have a wordpress multisite installation with 10 subsites ( all sites have a directory themes). The network Im building is kind of directory for every aspect of a society: subsite for travel, subsite for restaurants, subsite for jobs....
So untill now the network is connected and I have installed a plugin that makes every new user on a subsite a user for the whole network + I installed the user role pro/

Here is what I try to achieve:
1- User should have one unique profile accross the whole network, located on the main site
2- That same profile should display all the posts and listings they have made accross each and every site: for example if a user create a new listings of a restaurant on restaurant.website.com , this listing should appear on his profile page at website.com/user/name
3- There should be kind of a global search of the network from the main site: global search for posts, lisitngs and users
4- There should be all the recent posts and listings from all subsites on the main site: for example, if users create a listings of a restaurant , a job , a museum....all these recents listings should be displayed on the main site

If someone could help me with, I would be very gratefull :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time.