I have the dreaded error "Firefox has detectected the server is redirecting the request for th

here is what I did. I have x2 theme installed, I checked some things by installing Buddypress default theme. And then I installed Buddy Fun theme which I am consider switching to.

As I was reading some support boards from WPMU it said to uncheck the "anyone can register for this page" so I did that.

And now I am broken. There are lots of discussions online about it, some easily fixed by renaming a plugin and others more complicated. I dont think it is a plugin per se, but maybe one of these things I did.

Wondered where you would consider I start? Thanks!

thank you! the site is not live yet, but you can get in with these credentials


let me know if you would like me to give you admin powers and I can switch it over. this is as a "user" account