I have this line on a page: app_monthly_schedule title="Our


I have this line on a page:

app_monthly_schedule title=”Our schedule for START”

I want to change “our schedule” to the name of the service provider currently selected. Is there a placeholder I can use to do this? I guessed “Service_Provider” but that didn’t work. I’ve searched for a list of the placeholders but can’t find one.


  • Jose
    • Bruno Diaz

    Hey there @philip,

    Unfortunately, there is no hook available to achieve this without touching the core.

    I’m attaching a customized file that you need to replace under the following location:


    Using this file, you can use the placeholder SERVICE_PROVIDER to show the service provider name.

    Something important to be noticed: The ‘worker’ id argument in the shortcode will take precedence. If there is no worker defined in the shortcode, it will take the ‘app_provider_id’ parameter from the request or the single provider if the service has only one provider.

    Please let me know if it works fine for you. :slight_smile:



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