I have three WP

I have three WP sites running on a web farm. All have recently been updated to WP 4.6.1. One is technically a WP Multisite with several sites. Each of the three have a different theme and different plugins. They are all on two mirrored Windows Server 2012 R2 servers that sit behind a Netscaler Loadbalancer. Each server has a static host entry pointing the MySQL connections at one of two database servers that have bidirectional replication enabled. So, WEBFARM01 points to MYSQL01 and WEBFARM02 points to MYSQL02. Both servers are running PHP 5.6.26 with FastCGI. I had W3 Total Cache installed on all of the sites and configured the same on all of the sites. The performance of the sites at http://team.uhsystem.com is pretty poor. It started about the time we moved to the webfarm from a single server. So, I thought it was database locks since at that time we only had one MySQL server. However, there hasn't been much improvement in performance since moving to two MySQL servers. I have installed the P3 performance plugin which helped me disable a few plugins. But, that hasn't helped much either. I have also uninstalled all inactive plugins. I am working on a cookieless domain for static content. At this time, W3 Total Cache is also uninstalled on this particular site. The other two sites are http://www.emreverywhere.com and http://new.uhsystem.com. The latter has pretty poor performance as well. I didn't install or design the latter. I just imported it into our WP setup from another server. I did, however, install the team.uhsystem.com and http://www.emreverywhere.com sites and their corresponding themes and plugins. Any thoughts? I have granted support access. The poor performance is corroborated via tools.pingdom.com as well.