I have to upgrade again? :-(

Hi there,

Two weeks ago I initiated this post: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/where-is-the-control-post-voting-settings-panel because a plugin did not show in the right way in the admin panel.

I had to upgrade from the 3.01 to the 3.1 version and that caused my site to crash, two days offline and literally dozens of emails back and forward with my hosting company. Finally they went into the code and fixed the site, without collecting a penny

Today I wanted to build a blog directory with this plugin and tit does not show in the admin panel. The version 3.1.3 is released and my site two week old site is too old!

Should I keep myself updating my site (with the terror history included) in order to be able to use the plugins I paid for?

Behind a multisite blog there is most of the times a company which can not risk two days offline. I am building my company at the moment and I would like to add several of your features, but in this way I have to think in the priorities.

I am not a programmer, for me is irrelevant which version I am using as long as my business keep running. I just want to make business.

It is just a recommendation.