I have tried many different settings to get this right

I have tried many different settings to get this right to no avail. I’m sure it’s something simple but it escapes me.

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish.

Levels needed

1. Auto-magically Free!
2. Magic Pro (first paid level)
3. Magical Helper (second paid level)

I’d like for them to be able to choose the plan on sign up instead of issuing the free site right off the bat, but they can choose free if they want.

Notes: I originally had the free level set up in the section Levels, but was told that I didn’t need it since Pro Sites already has a free level. So I removed it.

I’m also using the plugin Checkout Form Changer to improve the style of the Pro Sites form.

I watched the videos for Pro Sites that have been created recently and noticed that the teacher/narrator had a free level set up in the section, Levels and had Pay to Blog selected in the Payment/Gateways section. I was told these two items don’t work well together and to just use the automatic free level that Pro Sites has. While the videos are a great resource, they have confused me further. (Watch Pro Sites video # 5 to see what I’m speaking of)

When I had these two items selected as in the video, selecting the free plan on check out still took me to PayPal which is not desired.

I hope I have explained this well enough to move on to the settings for Pro Sites. I have numbered each item that is at the top of the Pro Sites Settings page.

1. Rebrand Pro Sites = Magic Pro (The name of the paid plans)
2. Admin Menu Button Labels = Magical Upgrade
My Account
3. Hide Admin Bar Button = Not checked
4. Hide Superadmin Admin Bar Pro Status = Not checked
5. Free Level = Originally I had, Auto-magically Free entered here but no longer have a level set up for free.
6. Show Option On Signup = I have tried both ways and it doesn’t work right for me. I tried to add the link as in the force hide instuctions in the Signup message below but apparently that was not correct.
7. Signup Message = Confused on this one, see above.
8. Checkout Page = Once I get this working correctly I will finish styling the check out page but the option for free does not work correctly.
9. Pro Site Feature Message = Upgrade to Magic Pro to access this feature
10. Free Trial = Disabled

I hope this helps you understand what I’m trying to do. I don’t believe it’s out of the ordinary but may be wrong.

I greatly appreciate your help on this as I am so baffled - Jan