I have two questions. One is about the page

I have two questions.

One is about the page at http://www.teryg.net/wordpress/projects/ . There are squiggly lines under each of my H2s but I can't figure out how to get rid of them.

The other is about the contact page (http://www.teryg.net/wordpress/contactus/). I would like to control the color of the captcha so it's a lot easier to see against whatever background I choose. Again, I can't figure out what the css would be to do that.

I've tried both the Upfront editor and CSS Hero with no success.


  • Luís

    Hi @Tery,

    I hope had been good today!

    Regarding to your questions:

    1) To remove the wave line above the H2 tag, please, go to "add custom css rules" in Theme Settings section, on the left side panel. Click in that link will open a tab.

    In this tab, find the "h2:after" selector and remove this two attributes:

    background: url(//inovalabs.net/testes/wp-content/themes/uf-spirit/images/wave-line.png) no-repeat;
        background-image: url(//inovalabs.net/testes/wp-content/themes/uf-spirit/images/wave-line.png) no-repeat;

    See the image attached.

    2) To add a background color to the captcha, please go again to the "add custom css rules" and add the below rules:

    .realperson-challenge {
        background-color: #fff;

    Change the background color to one that achieve your needs.

    I hope this information has been helpful. If I can help you in this or other questions, please let me know!

    Cheers, Luís

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