I have two text boxes in two different custom sidebars.

I have two text boxes in two different custom sidebars. When I edit one of the text blocks, it overwrites the content in the other text block.

You can see the WP spinning icon in the attachment -- shows that both text boxes are being saved to at the same time.

This makes this plugin (at least temporarily) totally unusable.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @peter_harris

    I hope you're having a great day!

    Yup, that happens whenever you add 2 or more identical widgets. In the context of custom sidebars, multiple instances of the same widget in different sidebars with different display conditions are common. What is also common is that they all have the same content or settings.

    So, to save setup time & effort, the plugin assumes they are clones by default.

    If you are adding multiple instances of widgets that you do not want to be clones, simply click the link icon at the top-left corner of the widget to sever the connection.

    You can then edit each one separately.

    I hope this helps! Please don't hesitate to post again if you need more info on this.

  • Terri
    • Flash Drive

    I'm wondering if this is what happened to me. I lost all the content in 8 text boxes in side bars. The content was replaced with content from a single text box in a side bar. How can I get my content back? If I had wanted it to be cloned, I would have indicated that I wanted it cloned. Now, I'm worried that I've lost a lot of work. A feature like that should NOT be automatic.

  • Terri
    • Flash Drive

    I definitely recall seeing the link icon on many of the side bars, but I ignored it. Why on earth would a feature like that be automatic. At least there should be a pop up to say - do you want this to replace all your other text boxes. Geez.

    I will tell the guy working on my ticket to shift his focus to working on recovering my content. The mystery of why it happened has been solved.

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