I have wrote to the support two times, but I only got one answer

Hi WPMU. I hope you will get in touch with your support on behalf of me, because they have not answer me back again. I got one answer from Eliott that he promised to make my request ASAP. However, I never heard anything again. Then I wrote to the support again, but they never answered me back.

It is because I have been diagnosed with lymph cancer, and my current situation do not look good. I have quit my job because of the chemo I receive. Therefore, I do not have any money. Moreover, I thought I should pay my membership here manually, but it was done automatically. Therefore, I wrote to the support to hear if I could get the money refunded back from the membership, and they could cancel my account. I really do not have any money right now, and it is hard because I am very sick. Eliott wrote back that it was no problem, and he would transfer the money back from the membership. Now I have not heard anything, and the money has not been transferred yet.

I hope you can get in touch with them. Maybe they have forgot me.

I would also like to say thanks to all of you for the great help you have provided me with. I am very grateful for that.