I hosed my wordpress installation

So, I had done a backup with Snapshot last night, was trying to fix some stuff today. Made a change to my theme’s style.css when I was trying to fix an error that seemed to be in the theme itself. The change hosed wordpress so I reuploaded the file (had a copy of the theme on my desktop) via cPanel.

WP still is incapacitate so the best I can figure is, that WordPress is gagging on the different file modification time. Permissions etc are the same as before. File is the same as before.

The site loads — sorta, but I cannot log in to the dashboard. No access via my hub.

Of course, this happens right when I have to travel for 3 days….

Site is wp.interiorhorsecouncil.com and I had enabled WPMU DEV support for 5 days earlier this morning.

I have located and downloaded the snapshot file from last night to my desktop and also copied it to a folder at a higher level than my wp install. I also backed up my child theme’s functions.php. My custom css desktop backup is a week old, but apparently the JetPack “edit css” custom css module stores that output in a database, so if I can restore the Snapshot backup I should be ok.

Is there a way to restore wordpress and the snapshot backup easier than reinstalling WP from scratch, reinstalling all the plugins etc then restoring from the Snapshot backup?

Thank you for the assistance.

PS – interestingly, I just received an unsolicited email from someplace called fixrunner.com that wants to fix my site (for a hefty fee). Is it possible this outfit hacked my site?