I installed appointments+ and have several questions if it

I installed appointments+ and have several questions if it possible or in work.
- I want only admins and 4 editors see the appointments+ plugin. Is this possible? And how about the roles?
- only on admin side - inside admin, not front
- how to set calendar view - weekly and monthly are wanted
- can besides registered users with usernames also I choose reg. users by name and surname; I think one of the staff wrote it is going to be investigated...
Because I have some 1500 users that were uploaded from csv without usernames and the system wp created the usernames and passes for them, but they are not very user friendly. They are like ana_odiwdiwdjewil282108012, so noone knows who that users is, since there are many Anas... What can be done here from the point of this plugin or from the point of wp, mysql etc, how then to set normal username, made from name and surname...
- is the plugin translatable and how?
- is it possible that the appointments are recorded under the users profiles so that the appoitnment notes can be saved somewhere?
- can some items like settings etc be hidden too and how for editors?
thanks... :slight_smile: