I installed Appointments+ via the dashboard on a multisite


I installed Appointments+ via the dashboard on a multisite install, and when I click on Network activate, it doesn't work! On firefox I get "connection reset" and on Chrome "No data Received"

I tried many times to delete and re-install but the same result.

When I tried to activate from a site (not the network), I get the following error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class URI_Template_Parser in /usr/home/webcv4me.com/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/userpro/lib/google/src/external/URITemplateParser.php on line 30

So it seems for some reason, there is some conflict with another plugin I am using - UserPro codecanyon.net/item/userpro-user-profiles-with-social-login/5958681?WT.ac=solid_search_thumb&WT.seg_1=solid_search_thumb&WT.z_author=DeluxeThemes (suggested by @Jack Kitterhing in this thread https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/social-login-with-gmail-how).

Any pointers or help will be greatly appreciated.



  • aristath

    Hello again @Sami,
    It seems like both plugins are loading the same PHP classes used for google calendars, hence the conflict.

    Since the plugin you mentioned is a premium plugin I don't have access to it to test it, but I have verified that there appointments+ does check if the class already exists before defining it.
    The other plugin you're using might not be performing that check, thus triggering this error.

    My advise would be to contact the author of that plugin and report this issue so that they may fix it.
    It's a pretty simple fix that takes no more than 10 seconds to fix.

    Try this:
    Line 30 of the /wp-content/plugins/userpro/lib/google/src/external/URITemplateParser.php should look like this:
    class URI_Template_Parser {

    Change that line to this:
    if ( !class_exists( 'URI_Template_Parser' ) ) class URI_Template_Parser {

    Let me know if that works!


  • Sami

    Hello @aristath,

    Thank you for the details. I did what you suggested, and now
    1- I cannot activate using Network Activate
    2- I can activate on a single site ok

    How can I get this to be network activated?

    Eventually, I would like to have certain user levels to access the appointments+ - Can I achieve this using the Pro Sites plugin? (i.e need the plugin network activated, and available to users based on their membership level).

    Thank you again,


  • Sami

    Hi again @aristath,

    I have been experimenting with possible options, and found that since it is possible to activate the plugin on a per blog basis but not possible to Network activate it. Perhaps this is how it is intended to work?

    Anyways, I wanted to be able to offer this to sites in the network based on their membership level, so I will use the pro sites plugin to control who gets the Appointments+, and found this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/multisite-plugin-manager/ which claims it works with pro sites to auto activate the plugin for the sites.

    My main concern is not to have the users manually go and activate it on their site and hence the previous route of having it network activated.

    I am going to test this scenario and see.

    Thanks and regards,


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