I installed Humming

I installed Humming bird and also wp smush pro, with smush alone I saved 180MB and with HB help my site loads much faster with the advanced areas left to fix, wp cache played a big role too.

In humming bird there is a cloud flare option I signed up for the free CF account to give it a spin before I commit to paying. Here is where CF and Hummingbird confuses me.

CF says i need to take their name servers and point my name to them. and my dedicated hosting provider says that while that is true I need to take their name servers that they created for me and plug them into the settings area in CF so CF will be properly piped and I will not lose any of my people traffic.

So what I did was add CF name servers to my domain and now has 4 name servers, my hosting and CF says I just need 2 the CF name Servers on my domain. can someone show me a snapshot of CF settings area of where I am supposed to plug in my hosting name servers.

Jason N.

September 17, 2016 at 07:51 PM


When updating the Name Servers to CloudFlares, you will need to insure that you are removing the previous Name Servers which were set. You will also need to insure that from within CloudFlares settings, you are pointing the domain to your server with us as well. This will insure that traffic is appropriately routed. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.


Jason N.

Linux Administrator