I installed the chat widget the other day. Today I notice

I installed the chat widget the other day. Today I notice it is indicating a newer version is available. I try to install the newer version and it tells me I must be a paying member. I am logged into my wpmudev account*.

Why is it telling me I need to upgrade before I can install this ‘upgrade’ of the chat. So I click on the Upgrade (i’m thinking it’s telling me I need to upgrade my wpmudev membership) yet that can’t be, because I’ve actually been Overpaying you.

This is a circular process with no clear direction for me to take, and no clearly stated pre-check variables for me to know what it is referring to.

i.e. it’s a circular process:

a) tells me to update

b) I go to update the wpmu in my account, no updates are required there,

c) chat is indicating still there is an update available.

(see what I mean)

Please advise.


*I actually have two memberships, I just found out I have now purchased two memberships which is an issue I need to take up with your billing department.

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    Hey Elaine

    Thanks for your post.

    It seems like you might be logged in a wrong account.

    Kindly visit WPMU DEV Dashboard >> Manage >> Edit the API key and then login with your Gold account i.e. elaine_ossipov

    If you have 2 accounts, just send an email to our billing team via our contact form and they will get it sorted out :slight_smile:

    Please advise.



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