I installed the DMCA plugin with the code at the footer


I installed the DMCA plugin with the code at the footer area of my homepage (which I set to global region). I have a PRO membership at DMCA but when I checked it out this morning at the DMCA page(after a long time) , there's no single protected page listed there -- not even a single protected page coming from this site.

However, my other sites have DMCA badges and some of their pages too were protected, but some were not even listed there. There's an inconsistency. I want to know if Upfront has any issues with this? I have encountered a lot of bugs with Upfront not working with some plugins but I want to have a clearer answer on this. Thank you.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Thomas,

    I hope you're well today!

    I've visited both your sites. On gamesthatkidslove.com I've added the DMCA badge in the footer. I know you've added it before but it wasn't visible. To add embed 3rd-party code like this to an Upfront-based page it's best to use a "Code" element instead of text widget. (see image).

    As for verification status. It seems that data from both sites is being sent to DMCA site as the site shows both "Auth Key" properly and "Account Status" as "verified". From what I understood from their website, it may be the matter of waiting.

    Once you add your badge to the site and the DMCA site has been displayed, your site's URL is added to a queue and the Protection Status on a certificate page is listed after the site is checked.

    I wasn't able to find any information on how this process works and how long does it take. Would you please try to get in touch with them and ask

    - if they receive data from your sites properly?
    - how long may it take to get verified?

    It would be great to know that! Let me know please.


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