I installed the Hummingbird Plugin but the site is still slow

I installed the Hummingbird Plugin but it is not working. I have enabled and configured everything.
I have configured minification and combining files and moved files to the footer in Asset Optimziation and it's still suggesting for removing render blocking resources.
And the source also suggests that there is no minification.

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi wesley,

    Please do note that there isn't any way to get a full score in Removing Render blocking issue, this entirely depends upon your theme, and what could be done is to improve the score to it's fullest.

    What Hummingbirds Asset Optimization does is compress, minify, and combine all the assets loaded via the theme into a single JS, and CSS files.

    What this step does is reduce the number of files which is causing the Render Blocking issue by combining, and minifying it into one file. Combining and minifying everything into a single JS, and CSS file will only work if the theme supports it. If not, Hummingbird will try to split the files into multiple JS, and CSS files like for example:



    This is what you are currently noticing in Render Blocking score, which is in short the assets loaded via your theme.

    I could notice that all the files in the Asset Optimization page are moved to the footer which should be the correct steps, and they are at it's fullest.

    Other than these files, there are Google Fonts listed in the Render Blocking issue which is loaded from the theme and other 3rd party plugins. I'm afraid, there isn't any way to optimize links loaded from an external server. Other than manually finding where exactly the theme is loading the fonts, and replace it with by including the fonts in your server.

    On checking further the website via Pingdom:

    I could notice the server is taking over 2 seconds to establish an initial connection, did you check with your hosting provider regarding this?

    Hummingbird Pro only applies application level fixes, if the server is slow in general no amount of fixes done in the plugin side would help. Please do bring this into your hosting provider's attention, and see what they have could help with improving the performance in the server side so that we could give a closer look if needed.

    Kind Regards,

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