I installed the plugin and it is not working. this


I installed the plugin and it is not working.

this is the only plugin installed on my site http://www.ilovewordpress.co.il/

1. when I activate the permalink on my site the Classifieds and My Classifieds becomes not found pages.

2. When I tried to Add Classified from the site it gives an error above the set featured image although I do add an image – the error is “This field is required.”, so I can’t create a new add at all , and it happens the same from the wp admin from classifieds-> add new. Even when I did not let the user the authority to upload images, still it is possible to for him to upload and will not let the new add to publish because it does not recognize that an image was indeed uploaded.

3. in the documentation u mention there is classifieds demo site – but I don’t see a link to the demo site.

4. I declared tags but in the add new classifieds I see only the categories I defined, and not the tags I defined to choose from .

5. what is the use of the custom Press menu?

6. Where do I add or change the form fields in the classified form http://www.ilovewordpress.co.il/?page_id=7

Waiting for your quick answers