I just figured it out! Value of a Cube Point

The documentation could use a little help here, but I've generally got this figured out (was very important to do, as a client needed this to work)

Here's what you do...

1. Figure out what the value of your points should be (in this example, Let's say that one point is equal to one penny in value.

2. Simply multiply your points by the value.

Here's how this is done in practice.

Let's say you are using a completely point dependent economy (and this only works in this scenario). If you want the value of a point to be 1 penny, and you have something you are trying to sell for $1, simply multiply $1 times 100, and you'll get the value of 100 points necessary for redemption.

A $10 product in this economy would be 1000 points, a $100 product would cost 10,000 points, etc.

Through this method, you are able to completely control the value of your cubepoints down to the penny!