I just have a question about something I want to achieve

I just have a question about something I want to achieve with a site, and I'm wondering if there's a way to set it up with any of the functionality of WPMUDEV.
Here's what I'd like to do:
I'd like to create a membership site, with multi levels of membership.
I'd like one of the levels to have VERY restricted access and viewing.
I would prefer this in a review type, atmosphere, but if it could only be done by creating "pages" as opposed to reviews, that would still work.
Let me explain...
Lets say that I want to have a membership site for aspiring songwriters.
I would want to create a site where aspiring songwriters could pitch their ideas to musicians, producers, etc...
These writers would not want any other songwriters to view their ideas, but would want relevant reviewers to see them.
So... I'd want anyone who logs in as a songwriter to be able to create a page (or review post) for their idea, and they could ONLY see their idea page.
They would not be able to see any other writers ideas (so that nobody could steal anyones ideas).
However, if a producer logged in (and let's say he wants to produce country music), he would choose his category (country) and be able to see all submissions in the country category, and not have to sift through ALL categories, since he's not interested in those anyways (he only sees relevant submissions).
This way the songwriter feels protected from anyone stealing their idea, and the producer only sees what he came for.
Can this be accomplished using WPMUDEV tools and plugins?

  • Jude

    Hi there @Will

    This is possible with membership PRO and a user role management plugin. Also a bit of glue code to restrict rights by category ( so users can only post in a specific category ) and then let users of only a specific membership view this category. Im curious as to how you want to implement custom post types on this system.

    By the looks of it it sounds like a reasonably big project so I suggest you give M2 Pro a spin and in an hour or so you can decide if this system will work for you.


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