I just installed Custom Sidebars Pro and they aren't showing up in my sidebar

I just installed Custom Sidebars Pro using an Ultimatum Child Theme and they don't appear to be showing up. Am I doing something wrong, or will they not work with the theme? TIA

  • Tyler Postle

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    Thanks for granting access. I logged in and saw that you have 2 theme sidebars; however, your category pages aren't even using the content in them. it doesn't look like your sidebars are registered anywhere, does content you place in sidebar 1 or sidebar 2 show up anywhere?

    I've never used this theme before but it looks like you will have to place the sidebars into the templates: http://youtu.be/Ce724gkTIog

    Once you have them registered them we can look into getting custom sidebars to work too - with really complex themes like these that are more of a theme builder - there can sometimes be conflicts with plugins since the theme might not use WP standards.

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  • [email protected]

    OK, I’ll try to explain what’s I've done. Check this page...


    That’s where I tried to use the first custom sidebar that I created, as you can see, nothing shows up.

    It’s referenced here:

    VCT/Templates/Layouts/About Layout/Edit

    Then, look for Body-Ultimatum Sidebars. That’s where you will find sidebar1 referenced. This sidebar worked previously.

    So, I then went to Themes/Widgets and created an About Sidebar I wanted to use and tried to tell it to replace sidebar1.

  • Ash

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    Currently, I can see sidebar in about page. So, is the issue resolved for you?

    If not, would you please send me your login details and ftp details?

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