i just installed wpmu dashboard to my current activated

i just installed wpmu dashboard to my current activated http://www.thablacklist.com website, with a classifier theme i purchased from the colorlabsproject.com

now i want to add a community and a variety of plugins you have available what is my next step?

when i activated the wpmu dashboard i already pre-made an account yesterday so when i purchased today, i didn't apply api key, how do i do that?

  • Patrick

    Hi @jordan

    Welcome to the forums!

    According to our records, you have successfully installed & activated the Dashboard plugin and the API key is active. That happens automatically when you login to the Dashboard with your premium membership credentials.

    You should see something like in the following screenshot.

    To install stuff, simply click the Plugins or Themes menu items in the WPMU DEV menu, and select the plugins or themes you want to install.

  • Patrick


    yes but i have classified theme currently installed so if i go to themes and add social will it disrupt my current theme?

    No. You can safely install as many themes as you want. Only one can be active at any time and that requires that you manually enable it under "Appearance" > "Themes> in your wp-admin.

    i created subdomain prepared for my community i want to add a theme too.

    how do i make my current installment of my classifieds theme multisite/buddypress add-on to it?

    There appears to be a bit of confusion about multisite here. Don't worry, it confuses a lot of people :slight_smile:

    To create a multisite network, you need to follow a few manual steps detailed here:

    Once that is done, you can install BuddyPress and network-activate it.

    If you do not want a multisite network, you can activate BuddyPress on your single site and it will just fine.

    I looked at your site and it appears that you have already started preparing things. But please install BuddyPress and follow the instructions on the welcome screen that appears when you activate it.

    If you have any problems with it, just post again. We<re here to help walk you through things. :slight_smile:

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