i just replaced membership with the new protect content

Hi, i just replaced membership with the new protect content plug-in, but am at a bit of a loss how to get it to do what membership did without creating 500 times more work. This is a new site, under construction and i want to essentially lock the entire site aside from the home page and a basic menu, which the membership plug-in allowed me to do with minimum work.

The protect content seems to want me to add a page at a time to be protected, which is great for fine tuning, but with already 100 pages, not particularly fond of the idea of adding them individually. I was using the positive rules before which worked great and with very little effort. i am sure i just don't understand how to use this properly yet. Any guidance on how to essentially lock an entire site to all but logged members would be great.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Jacci,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for your question!

    This would be easiest to do via the URL groups add-on :slight_smile:

    Setup just a simple membership site type then go to add-ons and activate the "URL Groups" add-on.

    Once that is added navigate to "Protected Content" and add in a url like this:


    This will protect the entire site except the home page, so you can place a login/registration form there if you like(assign it to a static page if needed).

    Once members are registered then they will gain access to that url group and be able to access the full site :slight_smile:

    Screenshots attached.

    Hope this helps Jacci! Let me know if you have any further questions here.

    All the best,

  • jacci

    thanks so much for that, i will give that a try, haven't had a chance to investigate any of the adons yet.

    I do like the flexibility that this offers for another site i use membership on and this should replace that nicely and be much easier to use, but for this one i was finding it a little frustrating - i guess all new things have that learning curve !

    Thinking about another application of the url too makes me now think of another exciting way to utilise levels of content which will actually work really nicely menthinks!


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