I just signed up for the free trial and the first thing

I just signed up for the free trial and the first thing I attempted to do was install Smush Pro. As soon as I did my site crashed (see attached). I contacted my host who determined that Smush (regular, not pro) was causing a fatal error. I didn't deactivate Smush prior to activating Smush Pro, but I think it caused a conflict, which caused the site to crash. I just wanted to let you guys know there may be an issue with this. Thanks.

  • Patt Leger

    Hello rdreissig,

    Just chiming in here. If your site is still down, you can FTP into your wp-content/plugins folder and delete the smush plugin folder (don't worry - your actual options are stored in the database).

    You "should" be able to login again and install the Pro version of the plugin.

    This is what I would do first if I had the same issue as you.


    Another quick tip... you didn't say what your crash looked like. IF you got a blank white screen (otherwise knows as a WSOD or WhiteScreenOfDeath), then it could be your website is running out of memory.

    You can try to increase the memory limit in your wp-config file (what I do personally as well). A google search should get you the info you need to accomplish this.

    Hope one of those two solutions work for you!