I just updated CoursePress Pro, but my dashboard still says it needs updating.

I probably don’t really need a response to this. I figure it’s a little glitch you guys should know about–and are probably already working on by now. :wink:

The problem is there’s an update to CoursePress Pro, but I’m not sure if it’s updating properly or not.

I update the plugin, the screen says the “plugin successfully updated,” and the little number “1” update circle notifications disappear from my dashboard next to “Plugins” and “Updates,” but not next to “WPMU DEV.”

I tried signing out and signing back in and then updating again, but no joy. The circle notification doesn’t disappear from my dashboard. And the “Plugins” and “Updates” notification circles reappear when I go back to my dashboard.

So, I don’t know if CoursePress really updated successfully or not. And the dashboard still says it needs updating no matter what I do.

Have a lovely day/evening, and thanks for all you do.