I just updated the Domain Mapping plugin on my network,

I just updated the Domain Mapping plugin on my network, and now I have some admin menu link issues (FYI, when I disable the plugin, these issues go away).

When the plugin is enabled and I click on the "My Sites" menu, one of two things happen:

1. If a site in the list is mapped, then all the links associated with it appear normal.

2. If a site is not mapped, then the ALL of the links associated with the site look like this:
*Dashboard: http://www.whigumstyx.com//wp-admin
*New Post: http://www.whigumstyx.com//wp-admin/new-post.php
*Manage Comments: http://www.whigumstyx.com//wp-admin/edit-comments.php
*Visit Site: http://www.whigumstyx.com//

Note the double brackets (//) after the main site domain. Also notice that regardless of the site I select, the link showing is my main site with double brackets (www.whigumstyx.com//)

I have also noticed this in my multi-site list page. The "visit" link for the sites that are not mapped are all directed to the same link: http://www.whigumstyx.com//

I also logged in as a regular user on a client site, the links have the same double brackets (//) there too.

The only place this does not happen is when I am viewing the "My Sites" menu from my main site frontpage at http://www.whigumstyx.com

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.