I just updated the Membership plugin this morning (Auto


I just updated the Membership plugin this morning (Auto update) and now I can't update either my footer or main menu. I'm using Wordpress 3.9, Membership Plugin v and the Directory theme by AIT Themes.

When I go to appearance/menus and then add a menu item (a page) as normal and click save, nothing appears on my menu on the front end. If I go into Access Levels in the plugin for the menu where you can select the menu items, the menu item I added and saved doesn't appear. Prior to upgrading, this all worked perfectly.

Here's what I've tried:

Changing themes
deactivating every plugin

The only way I can get my normal wordpress menu functionality back is to disable Membership plugin. When I do disable the Membership plugin and I go to Appearance Menu, I'll see all of my menu items there plus about 5 copies of the page I was trying to add. It seems to be saving, but Membership won't let me see it - can't see it on front end, back end, or within access levels/menu function when the plugin is activated.

Any ideas? Thanks!