Free subscribers get hit with upsell or coupon codes :( please make it stop

No matter what I do this plugin tries to up-sell free registrants to something that doesn't exist. Even with free payment gateway the ONLY one activated and ONLY one subscription/access level. If I select "none" for subscription type for free users then they are asked for a coupon code after clicking register. I JUST WANT FREE USERS DIRECTED TO THE "REGISTRATION COMPLETED" PAGE AFTER CLICKING REGISTER. NO UPSELL, NO COUPON CODES JUST THANK YOU FOR REGISTERING. Does this make sense to any body?

  • _768

    I know the world has A.D.D. but even if there is an upgrade option, why try to up-sell someone when they just picked their membership from a menu of all available options on the previous screen?

    They had the chance 5 seconds ago to upgrade,

    If they didn't want one of the other available options on the previous screen why ram it down their throat again?

    Furthermore, why ask someone for a coupon code for a membership which is already free?

    I am stuck with those 2 options. Click below to upgrade (there is nothing below), or (Have a coupon code?) for a membership which is already free.
    Both of these screens feel erroneous to the visitor. Not a good first impression.

    It would be stellar if some one jumps on a solution stat...

  • Alexander

    Just another user chiming in here. I've been using membership for the past month and I haven't run into any bugs, and I've gotten plenty of help with the questions I've asked.

    It seems to me that you're using the plugin for something it wasn't intended for, so why should that be supported? The plugin at it's core, is based around the ability to manage PAID content. The "free" option, is there to give people a simple level of access with the intent to upsell!

    What you're asking is probably possible, but seems to me like it's outside of the original purpose for the plugin.Just my 2 cents. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck with your project.

  • aecnu

    Greetings _768 and rohmann,

    @_768 do you indeed have the Free gateway activated?

    Did the coding removal rohmann suggested help take care of the issue?

    I can assure you that the whole world does not have A.D.D. - American Deficit Disorder .... lol

    Please advise.

    @rohmann some rep points sent your way for trying to help another member and for telling your experience with the plugin.

    Cheers, Joe

  • _768

    Yes Free Payments are activated. It still sends users to a screen asking them to upgrade after they just left a screen where they could have upgraded if they wanted, Also this adds a second button where it should not be if one does want another payment gateway. It shouldn't be one OR the other but both able to processed smoothly. Why not be able to select a different gateway for different subscription plans? They obviously have different needs, no? Then multi-site installs could be network activated and all needs served. Otherwise each site has to be visited by the admin and setup creating TONS of extra work.

    @rohmann - In my opinion if a feature is offered then it should work correctly regardless of whether you can understand my need for having it. The fact that you cannot wrap your head around the reasons why is irrelevant.
    BTW thanks for the CSS. It is not that i want to hide the coupon code, paid users SHOULD see it. Free users don't need a discount for what should be obvious reasons.

    Users have just left a screen with ALL available options and they selected Free. Why make them choose again? One more un-needed screen and click and page to read making signing up take one more step than it should.

    Is this really that hard to understand?

  • Alexander

    I can assure you that the whole world does not have A.D.D. - American Deficit Disorder .... lol

    Ha! As an American I can testify that all of America has it.... that includes me of course. :p

    @_768 I do understand what you're saying. No need to accuse me of not being able to wrap my head around it. :slight_smile: I don't disagree that it's somewhat of an inconvenience for free members. I was just trying to make the point that this case is more of an exception that the rule when it comes to the general usage of this plugin.

    Anyways.... Had some ideas....

    Have you tried setting a custom "Registration completed page" from Membership options?

    Also, the payment/upgrade form is generated by a shortcode. [accountform],[renewform] etc. So technically, you could use the level restriction shortcodes to hide the payment page from showing to free users. You would have to create another page with the appropriate shortcode in order to make a page for free users to sign up. Lots of possibilites.

  • _768

    I am working in several multi-site environments. I like to network activate things that can be so. I like this plugin even for free sites because of the fact that it avoids the "Wordpress e-mailing your password" thing. This reduces one step and avoids an inconvenience for the user. Unfortunately it gains an un-needed step with the upsell/ coupon thing not being optional. To answer your question I am working with paid and free models and want to use one setup for all sites.

    Just make the coupon/ upsell page optional, and allow multiple gateways and BINGO you have something for admins and network admins. Make sense?

    If this plugin provided the ability to use more than one gateway, the free and paid sites within a multi-site setup could both benefit from THE EXACT SAME SETUP. In this scenario a network admin could network activate and paid or free admins could BOTH benefit from this plugin making sign-up smoother. It is just this damn forced un-needed step that defeats the multi-site approach.

    It is sooo close to being a registration smoother outer for paid and unpaid models, why not let them coexist?

  • Alexander

    Did you check how your membership pages are configured? Or look into shortcodes? (as I suggested above)

    It's a work around, but like I was saying with shortcodes, you could do something like this on your account page:


    This stops free users from being bothered with upgrade options, because it will only be displayed to paid users. To provide free users with an opportunity to upgrade, you would have to direct them to another page that contained the [account-form] shortcode.

  • _768

    I tried this on account and register pages (of course with the shortcodes which apply to my site). As you can see in the screenshot it gets rid of the coupon code but the up-sell page still happens. Plus I would still have to visit every site in the network and implement code, and I am trying to avoid visiting every single one for a custom setup.

    The up-sell page really needs to be optional (or consider removing it entirely). If any of the developers are reading this, please add this functionality. I notice WPMU DEV goes out of their way to make sign-up smooth on this site and avoid extra unnecessary steps. Why on earth not use the same philosophy with the membership plugin they provide for others? It just doesn't make sense. All we need is a checkbox to dismiss the nag (I mean up-sell screen). Let's give our members credit for having the intelligence to pick the plan they want without redundancies. One more screen is just not needed and defeats the purpose of smoothing out the sign-up process. This has to make sense to some one besides me...

    Dear WPMU developers: Can we get a checkbox to disable the nag screen please?

    How about the ability to use Free and Paid gateways simultaneously?

    I would settle for just the top request, but these things really need to happen.

    I know (I mean I hope) these reasonable requests are not beyond the skill level of the developers to execute, they just need it brought to their attention...

    Also the text in the title of the up-sell screen is incorrect. I had to go in the code and change it to "Your registration was successful for" as opposed to what id did say "Sign up for" (or something like that) which doesn't even acknowledge their previous choice or make sense...

  • aecnu

    Greetings _768,

    Thank you for your additional input, it is greatly appreciated.

    How about the ability to use Free and Paid gateways simultaneously?

    The reason that they do not need to run simultaneously is because it is usually either a paid membership in which you would use one of the available payment gateways even if there is a free level, or it is a totally free membership in which one would then use only the free gateway.

    Dear WPMU developers: Can we get a checkbox to disable the nag screen please?

    This is a feature request and that is exactly where I will take this ticket now since we have covered everything else that I can see relative to this ticket.

    I will also notify the lead developer of the request.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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