I know that one of the factors for improving my speed site


I know that one of the factors for improving my speed site is the host, but there are another factors, plugins to improve it?
My site run slow and is not finished yet?
I just have a few pages with very few images so what do you recommend me?
I've made the pingdom test and it gets 9 seconds. It's too much.
I'll send you an screenshot of the test


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for posting.

    you can try a cache plugin.

    other things to consider are only installing the plugins you are actually using, & removing what you don't actually need.

    optimizing any images used on your site, trying to reduce their filesize as much as possible whilst keeping the balance between size & quality.

    also when using 3rd party scripts such as google adsense for example or using API's from 3rd parties can have an effect on speed, if there's a lag between your host server and the 3rd parties server, you are at their mercy.

    gravatars for example, they aren't installed on the wp site, they are fetched remotely, again any slowdowns between the servers can affect loading times.

    too much javascript, or unoptimized JS, can also affect. try and have JS loaded in the footer or basicly load the JS last if possible, so that the page loads 1st b4 the script is loaded. remember PHP is a server side language, but JS is actually loaded into the browser (client side) so the speed of your internet connection can also be a factor.

    plugins such as autoblog & feed readers etc can also slow down if they are fetching content from external sites.

    newsletter or mass email plugins can also slow the site down considerably if you are sending to large amounts of people, in those cases, it's always better to use the CC for all additional email address rather than sending them all as 'To', try to send mass emails out at less busy times, so you have full resources available for the times when your site is busy.

    I can't think of anything else right now to do on the WP side.

    hosting side, things such as zlib & gzip can improve performance.

    hope this helps.

  • wordev
    • The Crimson Coder

    OK Vaughan i will review evreything you kindly told me. And after implementing all your advises i will give you the feedback if you dont mind.


    1º I used one cache plugin before but it doesnt affect at all ( maybe i did it wrongly)
    2º I'll send you the plgins i have installed
    3º About images i just have a couple
    4º About jscript i only use the ones incorporated in the plugins...

    OK let me make a thorougly study about what you told me and tomorrow i'll give you the feedback, in orther to tell me something more precise to my situation.

    Thanks very much again vaughan for your help

  • ez123abc
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Did you get the answer you needed Worddev?

    Did your site improve it's speed? Have you tried expires headers?

    You can go to http://html5boilerplate.com, click on source code, click on .htaccess, do a search for "Expires headers" copy <ifModule mod_expires.c> all the way down to the closing of that </IfModule> and paste it to your .htaccess file.

    Also, in your cpanel, look for software/services and click on Optimize Website, click on compress all content, and update settings. (If you have this available, if not, you will have to do it manually.

    What I want to know though, is what Vaughn was talking about.

    Everyone says, place the javascript after the page load and blah blah, except no one tells you how to do it. Google does tell you the same exact thing, but still, not sure how to do this, especially on a wordpress site.

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