I like the advertising screen shot, but I can't get it to look that way on my site

I love this project. It’s VERY important to me that it works right and looks sharp.

I run http://NationalServiceCharity.org and I run fundraisers for LOTS of groups. I use http://fundrazr.com/home for most of my projects. They charge 5% and donors have to look at their ads. Bummer. When I use PayPal directly, they charge me 2% since I am a 501 C3 non-profit.

I want a plugin like FUNDRAISING by WPMU to allow me to enter target goals, implement a progress bar, and have donations automatically populate into the progress bar. I want control over the CSS without knowing html. I can’t open and edit style sheets. I try and mess it up every time.

I took a post I already was using and reworked it with this new plugin.

Older Post: http://nationalservicecharity.org/volunteer-accounts/daniel-helms/

New Fundraiser Post: http://nationalservicecharity.org/donations/daniel-helms/

Do you see my problem? One pages looks great, while the other looks terrible. Sure, I could delete or re-size the Fundraising page content, but the solution I WANT is one column.

Also, maybe the best solution is to take this plugin one step further. Maybe if you made the display aspects of the plugin all short codes, then we could insert what we need on pages and posts we already have built.

For instance, I could use the earlier post I created by just inserting via shortcode the progress bar, donate levels and goals. I know I loose the great e-mail response work you did and other options, but dang, the thing still isn’t usable in it’s current form.

If I could get the pages to look like your ad for the plugin I would be ecstatic. Alas, this plugin creates visual expectations that are unattainable for the average user.

The PayPal IPN is working for me. Donations are immediately added to the total. Surprising though, when I entered manual donations on the back end they did not appear in the progress bar. Actually, I can’t get the progress bar to appear at all. I am talking about the total.

One last thing, I don’t want the word “pledge” but “donate”