I love Upfront. Thanks for the help. I am having a hard

I love Upfront. Thanks for the help.
I am having a hard time adding a custom font. I asked a question to a previous thread, where it was suggested I start a new ticket. So.

I don't want to add a google font, but a custom one.
This is a font I purchased a license from, which requires (I think) a specific css file to grant the license.

I think I managed to add the file to the header.php of upfront, so that's fine. But so far, following tuts from WPMU, of adding @font-face to the "add css" didn't do the trick.

Thanks again - but Help!


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello John!

    There are already Google Fonts included in fonts selector and I think we had some more questions about making it possible to add your own, custom selected fonts to it so I believe it's an a "roadmap" for development but I'm not able to give you any ETA on when it will be implemented. Upfront developers are now working on introducing new features to the theme so hopefully in future this will also be added.

    I'm still working on being more proficient at digging down to find the right selectors. For example, I got the vertical menus to do what I want, but the top menu, not so much.

    First step is always to work directly with Upfront's "drag-n-drop" editor and we're constantly adding new features to it. Future releases will include more and more "css attributes" to be setup visually. At this moment if you are not able to achieve something a "visual way" you may use custom CSS for element (by editing preset's css for that element) and you will find classes (selectors) using tool such as Chrome DevTools:


    Please note though that it's recommended to use class names instead of IDs of elements. In order to target element precisely you may want to use multiple class names for a single rules like this

    .classa .classb .classc {....}

    where "classa" is enclosing element for "classb" element which encloses "classc" element

    That's the general rule however. In case you'd need further assistance on this, please describe what you're trying to achieve with you menu and I'll be glad to help you :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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