I love your concept, but I can not help but look at your MPMUDEV site Dashboard and see thousands

I love your concept, but I can not help but look at your MPMUDEV site Dashboard and see thousands of complaints night after night. Something is MISSING and this really brings me down. Your lack of real support (visual aides, complete videos, simple instructions) makes me come to the conclusion that Your site is not equipped to actually help others create, develop and possibly make an income - all your site does is SPREAD unfinished, difficult to maneuver, hard to understand broken products that require almost a formal education (school) to grasp. Yes, I am frustrated, because I want to be a money making site like yours (MPMUDEV) but without the thousands of complaints that I witness day after day, night after night!
How can you continue to sale your products in good conscience to members and WE in turn are encouraged to sell your faulty products to others. This lack of understanding (passing the hot potato to others) scenario creates havoc with a website's reputation, because as a website owner, I will not be able to help my signed up clients
and this really bothers me! Jennifer

  • aristath

    Hello there @jennifer, I hope you're well today!

    We currently have about 15.000 active members.

    If you take a look at these forums, the "complains" come from no more than 100 people.
    Sure there are a lot of posts in these forums, but a large portion of them is requests for customizations and general support questions.
    The real support issues are few, and are no more than 10-20 posts/day.
    I'd say that's a pretty good percentage considering the vast number of members we have...
    And if you do the math, less than 1 in 100 people using our plugins have any issues at all!

    That's how we continue to sell our products in good conscience.
    Our products work and are comprehended by the vast majority of the people out there.

    If you have any specific issues with one of our products, please open a new thread for that and we'll do what's humanly possible to help you resolve your issues.


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