i m trying


i m trying to improve performance on this site...smush pro activated...but it fails to improve...
any clue?

  • Oguz

    Hey bruno ,

    I hope you're well today!

    I checked the current version of the WP Smush Pro plugin and it worked as expected. So I need more information about the error you get to solve the problem. Can you give more detailed information like; How does it fail? Is there any error code or you get a just blank page? How can I reproduce the error?

    If you’re not sure about the problem or require assistance you can always grant me access so I can check plugin for you on your website. Look this page to see how you can provide support access.


  • Oguz

    Hey bruno ,

    Thanks for that. I checked the plugin on your site and it works as expected. But I checked PageSpeed Insights and it says you need to optimize images. So I am assuming you mean; "I use Smush Pro but PageSpeed still says to optimize images". When you look the details of PageSpeed not only says optimize images but also says resize the images.

    I tried to resize one of the images you have on the homepage. When I resize it, PageSpeed stops the says "optimize" for that image. For this reason, I am sure not resized images cause PageSpeed problem. To resize the images;

    1-Login to admin area and go to "Medias" page.
    2-Find the image that you want to resize and click the "Modifier" button that you can see when you hover over image item.
    3-Below the image click the "Modifier l’image" button.
    4-Then you can see the resize panel on the top right. Resize panel looks like this;

    5-Write the require size for the image and click Redimensionner.
    6-Lastly click the "Mettre à jour" button.

    You need to repeat these steps for every image you want to resize. And don't forget you have to update visual composer pages after you resized images.

    Hope that can help you.

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