I missed the configuration option where I was required

I missed the configuration option where I was required to setup a Webhook on stripe. I have since setup that hook, but my client sees this message:

There are pending changes to your account. This message will disappear once these pending changes are completed.

How I can re-sync the account to eliminate the message without re-performing the transaction?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Will!

    I looked around the forums a bit, and it looks as though one of a few things may be happening.

    1. Are you using the Live API with Live settings, or the Sandbox API, in test mode?

    2. Have you verified your stripe account?

    3. Has the client verified his stripe account?

    Regardless, you should be able to switch back to sandbox mode, save any changes related to your client's account, then switch back to live without harming anything or over-charging anyone.

    Hope this helps, Will!

  • Will

    Hi Michelle,

    1. I'm using the Live API and Live keys.

    2. I'm not sure what it means to have a "verified" Stripe account. I've used Harvest Invoicing/Time tracking flawlessly for 3-4 months. I assume that means the account is verified.

    3. My client only enters their credit card information. They don't have a stripe account.

    I'm not sure what I need to "update" on my client's account. The transaction went through successfully but the webhook never called back to the site since I didn't follow instructions and set it up. From what I can tell, the ProSite sees the transaction was sent but without the callback, it doesn't perceive it as successful so it is in limbo "pending" state. Would toggling from Live/Test status on ProSites be enough to reping/refresh that data?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Will,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    If the subscription is setup in Stripe then the payments will keep being made and since you have the webhook setup now, it should successfully communicate with your site on the next payment. In the meantime, you could manually add the level to their account I believe.

    Let us know if that resolves the issue :slight_smile:

    Lastly, as you say, you could cancel/refund the subscription then re-do it.

    Look forward to hearing back on this Will!


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