I must move my WP site from Multisite to Buddypress…. how??

I need some assistance. Our website started a couple years ago as a Buddypress site using the Multisite. However, we never allowed users to have their own blogs. Then maybe a year ago there was some sort of fork/branch and some ppl were migrating away from Multisite and to BP-only sites.

I thought I successfully moved our site away from MU and to BP-only, but problems with plugins and inconsistencies with some things in recent months have made me think that either a) there are artifacts from Multisite still in the site; or b) I never successfully moved to BP, and I’m still using Multisite.

So, my aim is to eradicate Multisite from my site. It has caused problems, and some problems are screwing up because of it. I only want my site to use BP. My site has about 700 users, so I can not start from scratch — I need to understand how to move from Multisite to BP without too much turmoil.

Any ideas?