I need a bit of clarity for installing the Supporter plugin

My background … I am a retired auditor. I am used to following trails and seeing where they lead.

I am preparing to install the Supporter plugin. It has quite a few parts and I certainly don’t want to get them in the wrong place, so I am paying special attention to the installation instructions. My first reaction is that they omit expalinging some steps in the process.

For example, when I open the install.txt file, I read this …

Fresh Install Instructions:

1) Place the files in the specified directories

2) If the auto-install does not add the db table(s) for you then run the sql code in “fresh_sql.txt” on your wpmu db

I then skip the upgrade instructions, as this is a fresh install, and read …



supporter.php – goes in /wp-admin

supporter-framework.php – goes in /wp-content/mu-plugins

supporter-files – entire folder and contents goes in /wp-content/mu-plugins

I look in the folder where ithe install.txt file I am reading is located, and I do not see any file with those names. I do see a wp-admin folder, so I look inside and discover the files that are described.

May I suggest that the install instructions be amended to include simple information such as the need to look in those folders, etc. I got confused, and I would expect that as WPMUDEV becomes more popular, you will get more doofus’s like me who struggle to follow steps, and have trouble figuring things out.

Cheers, and all that rot.