I need a domain to point to just one of the sites but it is not working.

I need to get a domain to point to one of the multisite sites. I THOUGHT that I was following the interactions.

First, if I set the domain to point to the same folder as the main site, then the new domain goes only to the main site. I am sure that it said to point all domains 'to the same place', and I am guessing that 'the same place' means the same folder as the main multisite domain.

I was able to get one domain to properly seem to be set up and I did the 'check' and it did not show all those error messages, but still does not hit the correct multi-site sub-site.

The A record is already set to the correct IP address in the DNS manager. Host is GoDaddy. Main site is hosted inside a folder right inside the root of the host. There are multiple domains hosted in adjacent folders which have nothing to do with this mutisite wordpress installation.

SOME of the domains that we need to point to sub-sites in this installation are registered with another registrar and some are registered in the same godaddy account. I'm not sure if that would make a difference.

  • Tore

    Hi. The main site domain is tabcard.com

    One of the domains that I need to point is realtownusa.com which should hit the same site as http://tabcard.com/realtownusa

    When I try to map the domain in the realtownusa dashboard, it gives me the red 'unavailable to access" popup.

    Realtownusa.com is registered at dotster and we pointed the A record to the ip address


    readytojam.com gives me the same problem as above and is also registered with dotster as the registrar.


    Another of the domains that I need to point is lgbtropolis.com which should hit the same site as http://tabcard.com/lgbtropolis

    When I try to map the domain in the lgbtropolis dashboard using the tabcard.com/lgbtropolis/wp-admin address, it said that it was valid and it accepted the domain.

    lgbtropolis.com is registered at godaddy under the same account as the hosting account, which is on a linux host, and we pointed the A record to the ip address

    even so, lgbtropolis.com hits the main site (tabcard.com) and does not point into the lgbtropolis sub-site. On the other hand, if you go to http://tabcard.com/lgbtropolis/ it will redirect you to the main site but with the domain lgbtropolis.com in the URL bar.


    as i think i mentioned before, the main domain (tabcard.com) is in a folder, not in the root of my site, as the hosting has been in place for a long time and another domain is hosted in the root and other domains live in other folders at the same level as tabcard.com. Except for the domain mapping issue, the MU site is working, as long as you use the tabcard.com/subsitename/ URL and do not apply any mapping.

  • Tore

    the hosting is set up in such a way that the tabcard.com domain cannot be in the root of my host. That is why I reiterated the folder structure. From what I had read, WPMU wasn't supposed to function if it was installed inside a folder, but the network is actually working fine (except for the domain mapping).

    The domains that we host which are not part of this WPMU network all reside in folders alongside the tabcard folder, and all of them share the same IP address. I just saw also that this IP address is shared on the linux server, so that could be what's keeping the domain mapping from working properly?

    I do not actually understand the other method of domain mapping described, where the Cname record is used. Is that a possible workaround? and if so, is that something that you can help me get a domain set up and mapped properly using the CName record method?

    Thank you

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Tore

    I hope you are well today and thanks for your question.

    I've checked all these and it appears there must be some form of configuration issue here. To use Domain Mapping, you will need a dedicated IP address, is that possible you could get one?

    Would it be possible to supply me FTP, Network Admin and Domain management login details please to check everything?

    If that is please send to contact(at)wpmudev.org with the subject line Attn: Jack Kitterhing

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Tore

    OK, so I have another host company with cpanel installed and am going to restart this process cleanly there. I do have a static IP address on that host (hostgator) and just need to read the instructions carefully again before I get started. My current host is godaddy and It's just going to be easier to start over and do this right on a server with screens that look like your tutorials. I'll get back to you when i have either succeeded in making the domain mapping work... or did not get it to work.

    Thank you.

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