I need a WHOLE list of shortcodes

My Checkout page won't work. I have inserted [wp_checkout] as the shortcode. I have marked it as the core page for the plugin and I have tried other solutions. It won't work.

What I REALLY need is a list of ALL the shortcodes for this plugin. Why is there no Manual? No PDF instructions? Really? Nothing at all? Do I have to go WooCommerce? I don't want to change post types and rework all my stuff, but if I can't get some shortcode help I am stuck.

I know there is shortcode insert tool bar at the top of a page or post. But it DOES NOT include the basic short codes for basic functions. Like [mp_checkout]
That one is NOT in there. So what I am I to do? Nothing? How do I work to fix things late at night? Where do I go? Where is the instructions? The support pages? Developer forums?

This is so frustrating.