I need an Email Form with special capabilities

Is there a way to create an email form that sends an email to the admin, but also as part of the form, the user would submit (for references) 2-3 email addresses.

could the form also send out automated (template) emails to those people?

How do i do this? any plugin starter?

thanks in advance for your help!

  • Gabriel
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks Patrick - I'm going to check it out now-

    just for clarity-

    I need a form that sends to the admin,

    but has a section for the user to submit 2-3 emails that will receive a completely separate automated email that has nothing at all to do with the form, but the form, when submitted will send the form email to the admin and the alternate email from elsewhere to the 2-3 addresses provided by the user.


  • Gabriel
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Let me state it on more time because i'm confused reading my last post :slight_smile:


    question a, b, c
    referrence emails: x@x.com, y@y.com, z@z.com

    This form will be sent to user@site.com with the details above.

    In a separate location, I would create an template email that says something like:

    You have been marked as a reference for (person's name)'s application form. would you please answer these questions: A, B, C... and hit reply to send it back to us?

    and this template would be sent to the reference emails: x@x.com, y@y.com, z@z.com

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again @Gabriel

    Yah, it would have been easier had I simply posted a screenshot in my first reply. :slight_smile:

    The important things for your setup are illustrated in the screenshot below. When setting up the email notifications, you can add your custom email fields to the recipients list simply by clicking on them in the right sidebar (Customization).

    Then click the +Add Notification button at the bottom to create another form where you can create a completely different notification to be sent to other addresses. Very cool stuff. :slight_smile:

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