I need assistance in importing csv data

I'm trying to import csv data to set up a database. I then need to go back and edit that database as an author. I tried custompress, and that doesn't seem to work well. Does anyone have suggestions?

  • Alexander

    Hi @rodder7,

    CustomPress doesn't import via CSV, rather it can import post types that have previously been exported out of CustomPress.

    Wordpress has an importer you can setup from "Tools -> Import" I does however require that the csv file be formatted for use with Wordpress.

    Is this csv file existing Wordpress information? Or is it new information you're trying to import into Wordpress?

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  • Alexander


    I've looked around and can't find a plugin that can do this for you, but I can explain how it can be done manually

    Before it can be imported into Wordpress, you need to arrange the spreadsheet columns in a way that Wordpress will understand. I would recommend you start by creating some dummy posts in Wordpress. Then export this as a CSV and open in Excel. Now you'll be able to see what the columns are called and what order they appear in.

    Next you can take the csv from access, and format it in a similar fashion, or just the columns into the file you exported earlier.

    Importing is a sequential process, so the order that the columns are included is very important, as Wordpress follows a set of rules when reading in CSV files. It knows it need to grab X number of comma separated values at a time, create a post, and put's that data in it. Then it grabs the next set, and so on.

    Let me know if this makes sense or if there's anything I can clarify on.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there!

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