I need help coming up with a solution for a potential client.

Hello everyone. I was hoping to get your opinion on a potential job I might have coming in. We proposed a 2 phase project, the first phase being a brand new custom designed website, and the second phase being the integration of a fairly custom system. The second phase is the one I would like to discuss. Our potential client is a bar association, who will need a membership website (phase 1), and part of what they are looking to do in phase 2 is to have a system that combines document management and help desk functionality together to create a fairly robust situation. Let me give you a scenario:

The bar association has a steady pipeline of documents that go through a legal approval process before they can legally present the documents to their members (or the public). At any point in time, they might have private unapproved documents (only for internal viewing/sharing), private approved documents (for member viewing/sharing), and public approved documents.

In addition to this secure document sharing, with internal and external facing documents (public facing website, and internal intranet), the bar association also want a help desk and chat functionality in place for people to be able to ask questions about the documents, as well as other things.

Another example:

It is Thursday, and the bar association has 4 members of the support team available to answer questions. These team members log into the system as support team members, and when someone has a question, they can either send a message, or initiate a private chat session (chat only available if support team members are logged in). The conversations have to be private and one on one, not public group conversations.

Through the communication portion, perhaps a support team member can also attach a file to the chat or message to share with the person they are communicating with.

I hope I went into enough detail for you to make a suggestion on how to put this solution together.

If you have questions, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you!!