I need help configuring my Multisite Installed MarketPress to be a clone of https://www.etsy.com

I have done everything as suggested on this blog post - https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/e-commerce/

Please help as i need to get running on this project before weekend.

Thanks for your anticipated help.


  • peter_daniels
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    Hello Joe,

    Thanks for your reply.

    We have a local payment gateway with which we have achieved full integration - by copying and pasting of html code but are exploring using the same integration with marketpress.

    Currently, I need to setup a demo marketpress that replicates a etsy.com while our developer explores marketpress integration to a local payment gateway for parallel payments.

    I hope this info helps.


  • peter_daniels
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    I need a guide on how to setup my marketpress to be a clone of etsy.com. I have checked and followed the usage information of marketpress plugin page but it still does not help me achieve it - there is no way to do automatic signup and store creation at the moment from my installed marketpress. I have looked at the settings and checked what is necessary and directed in the usage information marketpress plugin page.

    Is there any better guide please. Kindly assist.

  • hpidriver
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    there is no way to do automatic signup and store creation at the moment from my installed marketpress

    Signups and store creation are controlled through Wordpress' built in user registration and blog registration. Marketpress "stores" are simply built on top of a user's blog they register in Wordpress Multisite, which is now called Network.

    This is the page where your users register - yoursite.com/wp-signup.php

  • aecnu
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    Greetings Peter,

    Thank you for your additional input which is greatly appreciated.

    I do apologize for the delay but your ticket just came up on my screen just now and part of the delay is the way the ticket system works and the below is just a copy and paste to clarify how it works as an FYI.

    ****Please note:****
    One reason in this particular ticket here that we are having delays in a response is because of the way the ticket system works. The ticket system see's every reply as well a reply ... and then changes it's priority in the support que to include ticket aging.

    Therefore it may not show up on our screens as early as it would under normal conditions. It is usually in your best interest to not bump tickets or reply to them unless there is something significant to add.
    ****Please note****

    Forward --> There is no specific Guide other then explaining the x.com process and it fairly straight forward getting a commission of the sale when something sells and the plugin coding itself is very well documented within form a coders perspective.

    I am trying to figure out specifically what the issue is to address here. To the moment it has been all about documents but I have no specific issue.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • TomCollins
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    Hi Peter, I've been working on the same thing for two weeks with some success. I think I'll have it sorted out to some degree in the next few days if I can get an answer to a redirect login question I have on this same community. I've played around with marketpress and another plugin called theme tailor front end add on along with a few other plugins from here. At the core of this whole Etsy question is how are you planning on charging for users to be able to sell their products? I know ETSY charges a listing fee , and a commission fee . The commission fee is built into marketpress but there is no listing fee capability. You can create membership fees with another plugin from here. The biggest problem with marketpress is the vendors will have to learn wordpress to set up their sites (this may scare vendors away as they just want something simple to put their products on) The theme tailor plugin I think will eliminate this problem and limit them to just an Admin Page template that has what they need to operate. The listing fee is something I'm still trying to figure out. Been searching for a plugin of some sort for that but haven't found anything as of yet... what ever you do don't bother trying to do that theme tailor make an etsy type site where there is a very long tutorial with all sorts of jquery add ins and such...it is either outdated or full of bugs. I played with that for a week... what a waste of time. To sum things up there is no easy way to take marketpress and turn it into an exact ETSY site from what I can see. The term in this community is being used very and I stress very loosely here. There is no documentation on how to do this here or anywhere on the net. There are some videos that just recently got put together that give a very general idea of setting up an ecommerce type site but nothing mirroring ETSY. I have other options that I have looked into that you could buy that come much closer to the mark. I may have to go that way depending on what success I may have with marketpress in the next while. Hope that helps to clarify what you are into here using or not using marketpress.

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