I need help creating an organizational membership site

I'd like some validation or correction from the developers and community to my plan using a collection of WPMU plugins to create an organizational website that has membership feature along with custom member pages that are searchable by public users based on geodata.

I may have been at Ballmer's Peak (http://xkcd.com/323/) when I first signed for the pro pack, because I vaguely remember I had a plan to use the Membership, Directory, CustomPress, and Google Maps plugins to add a membership functionality to an organizational site.

Each paid member was to have a custom post-type with custom fields such as their business location and contact information. The business information of at least two of the member-types would be searchable by anonymous requests based on geodata (street address, zip code). Lastly, the overall member directory could be managed to provide further services to those members, though renewals and such should be as automatable as possible. Certain members would have privileged access to create content on the site, such as classifieds.

All that being said, now that its a couple of days later, I'm struggling to put those pieces back together. I started creating the custom taxonomy for the members and had thought that I could also create the custom fields for the members but can I be assured that I can protect or isolate sensitive field data while still providing the functionality I am looking for above?

Commentary and questions desired as I'm certain it will help me sort through the cobwebs here, since its far too early for me to break out the 'development bourbon'.

  • Vaughan


    thanks for the post.

    much of what you stated above could be done using membership/customPress & even BuddyPress. you don't have to actually use BP, but you could use it for it's profile system & custom fields etc.

    membership allows recurring payments, so auto-renewals are fine unless the user cancels it their self. protecting content is what membership is for, you can either protect pages/posts or even particular url's.

    hope this helps, if you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to ask.


  • Devin

    Vaughan, thank you for the reply, while I have these moments where I think its doable, its apparent to me that I'm missing something in putting it all together. Of course, I've spent the last week and a bit moving between hosts, so I haven't been able to dedicate the proper resources in researching the solution. I want the 'member' pages to be publicly viewable, even searchable using geographic data (location data, "near address/zip", &c.). I want the members, however, to be the only persons (other than administrators, of course) to be able to edit at least one custom Member post regarding themselves. This is similar to the Author biography, but would include contact/business information, &c., maybe through the use of custom fields for the member to self-identify the member's school, business information, &c.

    I don't want to add more plugins than necessary to run the site, especially since I spent the last week moving to a VPS in order to improve performance over 17+ second page loads. So, I'm hesitant to add the overhead of BuddyPress, just to display registered members (custom taxonomy, different members == different privileges, ultimately). I expect members to enter geodata into their profiles in order to assist location searches by anonymous users. But I want the searchability of their profiles to be a feature of membership.

    I have a post_type for 'member' and a custom taxonomy for 'member_type'. I'm trying to find a way to include self-registration for the prospective members, identification of members (using Member Directory?) and I'm just not seeing the intermediate steps. I can figure some things out, but I'd love all the help I can get, and I think that this very feature can be helpful to others that need to find a way to describe members that may not be authors on a site.

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