I need help determining if Appointments plus can work on my multisite

I realize that I have an unusual situation that is causing many issue. The main objective was to provide a multisite with prosites and a very easy to use back end. I use blog templates and a lot of replicated content. Site "owners" are set as authors and do not have capabilities to create pages. They can blog and I use a custom post plugin that creates content-blocks. Of course this has me run into issues with many plugins.

I have included Appointments Plus at my highest level Pro Site. I just found out that they need to create many pages from the thank you to Service description to Bio pages. They also need to be able to create users.

Although I like the capability of the plugin because of these issues and the settings complexity - I am having to rethink including it unless I can come up with an easy solution.

What I would like is a custom post type pre-designed for the services and bios as part of the Appointments plugin (or at least as part of the menu so that it is altogether.) I see that there is an Add-on that allows for the selection of the custom post type but not the creation.

What do you recommend that I can do to create something that might work under my circumstances?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, antKat, happy Saturday!

    I just tried a few tricks with Easy Blogging, but it's not the option you need because:
    1. You can only force Easy Mode on free Pro Site levels, your paying members can toggle it off.
    2. It would involve giving users permissions you don't want them to have, then sloppily hiding those permissions from them.

    Your proposed solution - a custom post type you can edit and tweak as you need, is the clear best option here, but it's also fairly complex. There's a lot to Appointments+, so there are many strings leading from each part to each other part, it's not something I can untangle in the time I have to spend on this question.

    I think this is definitely a feature request that would be very popular, but in the meantime, I think this might be a perfect job for one of our advanced guys on the Jobs Board.

    It's a complex job, but in the right hands, you should be able to get exactly what you want. The only potential issue I see is with giving your blog owners the ability to create users only within Appointments plus - allowing them to create service descriptions and bios without creating other pages should be mostly straightforward.

    Thanks for your question, antKat!

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