I need help getting prosites setup for the first time, on a fresh WP installation.

My objective is to create a site, and charge users a monthly fee to create their own site within my multi-network. So far, I have downloaded and installed pro-sites, and I have configured all the options that I'd like, including levels, pricing and other options. I have the settings to allow registration.

My questions are:

1. When a user clicks register on the front end, where are the pricing options? I set all of these things up in the presets options. These are not showing up anywhere when a user tries to register.

2. When a user does register for the site, they are emailed a password. When they attempt to login with this password, it does not work. Also, the site "www.parkmonexpress.com/site” does not work. Both of these lead to 404 errors. And yes, I have checked my .htaccess AND wp-config.php files.

Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.