I need help optimising my images

I need help. My images became less optimized after using the tool, can I please get some assistance.


  • Anton Vanyukov

    Hi tomas,

    I checked your performance score. I think what you are referring to is image resizing (changing image dimensions). For example, if you scroll down to the Articles section of the main page, the container that is showing the images is 360x360 px in size. But the image that is showing in that container is 1024x683 px large. This is what the report is telling you - that you need to optimize the image sizes. At the moment Smush does not auto resize the images for you (in terms of dimensions), it only optimizes the image in size (as in physical size of the file).

    If you remember the name of the person from support who managed to get the report to a 100%, I can ask what was done and try to see why this reverted back.

    Best regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Tomas,

    I was looking at your site and the chat that you had with Nahid, and as I understand you had an old site that you're now redirecting to starwalkkids.com, I think that redirect might have just shown good results for a short time but there's still issue with your image sizes to be resolved.

    As Nahid mentioned there's an issue with images being larger than their holder, let me elaborate on that more.

    Page speed tests has two types of reports for image optimization.

    1. Compressing - This one's is telling that image can be optimized, that's what smushing takes care of and there are no such reports on your site.

    2. Compressing and resizing - This tells us that image is larger than its actual HTML holder.

    The second one is what's shown most in your results and that's because your theme is loading images larger than it's HTML holder.
    It seems like the main issue here is your Articles section on home page because image holder is only 360x360 pixels while most of the images loaded there are larger than that.

    For example, let's take first post there, "Should you Change a Diaper at Night?", for examination.
    Featured image of the holder there is just 360x360 pixels, but if we check the structure of that element you can see that its actually loading 1024x683 image in there.

    And this keeps repeating for most of the posts in that section, and as there are a lot of posts loaded the score is being heavily impacted by that.

    If I'm not mistaken this section is added via WPBakery Page Builder and their Post Grid element, so it might be best to get in touch with them and check how can you set smaller thumbnails to be used there.

    You can read more about this Compress and Resize reports on our blog here:

    Best regards,

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