I need help setting up a payment option in MarketPress

I have a client who has a business where she takes most of her orders over the phone, however, she still wants to be able to accept her payments from her website. The order costs will vary depending on what the client is buying. Do you know how I can setup a payment option for someone to manually enter the amount that they want to pay her and submit a payment or a way for her to mail them a "work order" so to speak in their email for them to click a payment option for a specific amount?

  • Vaughan


    i do not know of a way of doing this unfortunately, i have asked in our internal forum if any other staff can think of anything.

    if you're emailing a work order though via email, couldn't you just email them the url to the product item page & get them to pay that way through the website?

    or is there some specific reason that phone orders are different to internet orders via the site? like offering discounts or something? (maybe you could provide them with coupons?)


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