I need help to build a CustomPress global product category list for GridMarket-MartketPress.

GridMarket Theme. Require simple CustomPress (CP) steps to setup a clean global product category list for a MarketPress (MP) network.


Will jquery vertical accordion sidebar widget pull a CP list in directly? Or will I have to format a Menu in Appearance/Menus first? (I created an MP Product Category Menu this way, but Menus-editor cut my list short by 18 items. That is why I am starting over).


– Outlined 10 parent categories, each with 10 child categories.

– Installed jquery vertical accordion menu plugin; tested sidebar widget.

– Installed user role editor to remove “manage_categories” from site admins. CP settings also use/display content types at network level.

Issues affecting success of main-site menu:

1) GridMarket sidebar kicks out widgets. Does it have a height or content restriction?

2) Will the jquery sidebar widget recognize my CP product category list?

3) How does CP list replace the MP product category list, so shop merchants can categorize their products?

4) If I build a menu this way, outside of the MP global shortcodes, how does my main site menu know to display global products, and not local ones?

5) Where do I find mp-database to clean up my past list attempts? Is this necessary if I have not built any shops by my test site?

5) Also – Will multisite user management plugin conflict with user role editor plugin?

I am very close to building my first shop and testing out all my hard work!

Thanks so much.