I need help with my domain mapping woes


I have followed seemingly every domain mapping guidance out there. I just cant seem to get it to work. I was on host gator, I dont recall this being much of a problem. I have Hover as my registrar and am using godaddy for hosting…Hover says its Godaddy and vice versa, but both also say its the WPMUDEV Domain Mapping Plugin (which I do not think so, because its seems to be more feature packed then the one from the WordPress repo.

I have Googled, I have Youtubed, I have called, but I still get the attached error.

I just need help step by step, how to point my domains from hover to godaddy and have them resolve in the domain mapper…help

  • Mike
    • Flash Drive

    Yes, I have tried that, before and just now too…

    I have included screen shots of the hover DNS entries, the Hover nameserver entries, and the GoDaddy zone file.

    The Network Admin domain is teammanageronline.com, that pointed in 15 minutes, without issue. The domain I am trying to may to a subdirectory is ondeck.design to teammanageronline.com/ondeckdesign…to no avail.

    From what I remember when I used Host Gator years ago, this is all correct…but I also tried uninstalling and deleting WPMUDEV's domain mapper and installed the domain mapper from the WP repo, that did not work wither.

    I reinstalled WPMUDEV's domain mapper after completely uninstalling the WP domain mapper…

  • Mike
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    thanks Luis…ditched GoDaddy…went with Host Gator…I was looking at my notes from a couple of years ago, wild card sub domains with are the most important thing, although it should work with sub folders…not as well.

    Thanks for your help!

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