I need help with Pro Sites Plugin

            I am developing a site with all plugins WPMUDEV and I would like to have your support to put it online as soon as possible.
The site is called http://www.destrezaweb.com and need to set either the WPMUDEV Site Pro plugin to offer three armed services sites with templates and plugins that I have bought and with the possibility of reuse.
The services are: Free - Basic - Intermediate and Advanced

They could give me support my venture? The WordPress hosting SiteGround is basic and if I can build it in the short term, be able to expand the hosting service.

The idea is to offer assembling sites based on WordPress templates, with more features than WordPress.com (in plugins and themes) and achieve a subdomain subdomain.detrezaweb.com have and the most advanced service can domain directly link the customer requires.

I am a Premium user of its services and will help to have them permanent support in the beginning and in the development of this project.

I hope you can guide me how to operate the Site Pro plugin so we can move forward.

I remain available.
Thank you very much
Leonardo Grabow