I need help with the position of the "Like" box on Ultimate Facebook.

This is likely more of a CSS or positioning issue rather than functionality of the plug-in.

Here's what I need to do. At the top of my posts, I am floating my "Like, Send" buttons to the right. This allows the title of my post to display correctly to the left and allow the buttons to be in an ideal location to the right.

Here's my problem, when you click the "Like" button, the "Post to Facebook" box is clipped by the sidebar which loses that functionality. Here's link to a screenshot of problem:


I have successfully added (margin-left:-320px) to the "Send" button. That works. But I can't successfully find the div or element to override or adjust the "Like" button popup. Here's link to screenshot of working "Send" Button.


Here's a url for my site:

Please help me find a solution to this problem. I'm losing a lot of functionality in the plugin.

Many thanks in advance.